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Shoulder, Arm and Leg Pain

Shoulder, Arm & Leg Pain

It is very common for patients to present with low back or neck pain radiating into the lower or upper extremities. Likewise, it is also common for patients to experience only leg or arm pain depending on the cause of the symptoms. Potential causes of extremity pain include "pinched" nerves, nerve irritation, disc problems, or even referred pain. Extremity pain is often difficult to diagnose without advance diagnostic imaging and proper examination procedures. In fact, recent studies show that extremity pain such as "sciatica" and carpal tunnel symptoms are some of the most commonly misdiagnosed problems. It is important to remember that numbness, tingling, or nerve pains are symptoms, not diagnoses.

The chiropractors at South Georgia Chiropractic will perform a series of neurological, orthopedic, and reflex testing to identify the specific cause and location of your extremity pain or numbness and tingling. Once the appropriate diagnosis has been made, your doctor will begin the appropriate treatment plan for your specific condition. Numbness and tingling into the lower extremities is often caused by disc abnormalities in the lower back, which we treat on a daily basis utilizing the Cox flexion-distraction protocol (link to treatment page) which has been shown in several recent studies to relieve the pressure on the affected disc and decrease symptoms dramatically. If you have been diagnosed with a disc herniation or bulge, this treatment often may prevent unnecessary injections or surgical procedures. All treatment options will be discussed with each patient prior to beginning treatment. Current research supports the use of conservative chiropractic therapies for the majority of the causes of arm and leg pain or numbness and tingling. At South Georgia Chiropractic, we are committed to identifying the cause of your symptoms and providing the highest quality conservative treatment to relieve your extremity pain.

For recent studies supporting the use of chiropractic therapies, please click here.

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