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South Georgia Chiropractic utilizes a number of treatment options to defeat pain. Listed below are the techniques we practice and recommend:

Cox Flexion/Distration

The Cox Techinique is a gentle, non surgical, chiropractic spinal manipulation technique procedure which is highly effective on certain forms of low back pain. The Cox Technique is one of the most researched and proven methods of treating disorders such as disc herniations, facet syndromes, spondylolisthesis, synovial cysts, sciatica, some forms of leg pain, and failed back surgery. Studies have demonstrated the Cox Technique to decrease the pressure on the discs of the low back and increase the areas where the nerves exit the spine resulting in less nerve irritation. At South Georgia Chiropractic we have helped prevent surgery for numerous patients by utilizing the Cox Technique and educating those patients on home exercise techniques to prevent re-injury. For those patients who do not wished to be treated using "cracking" techniques, the Cox Flexion/Distraction protocol is a phenomenal option. The chiropractors at South Georgia Chiropractic will discuss your condition with you and whether or not you are a good candidate for Cox Flexion/Distraction based on your examination findings.

For more information on the Cox Flexion/Distraction technique, please visit the Cox Technic website.

Diversified Adjusting

Possibly the most widely used technique in the chiropractic profession, diversified adjusting is a term used to describe a type of adjustment in which a small quick movement is used to restore normal movement to a restricted joint. This type of adjusting is often associated with a clicking or popping sound, as the joint quickly moves, although this sound is not required for the adjustment to be effective. Studies have demonstrated diversified adjusting to be a superior form of treatment for many causes of neck pain, mid back pain, low back pain, and headaches.

Rehabilitation/Exercise Therapy

At South Georgia Chiropractic, we take great pride in educating our patients on what measures to take to reduce their pain and disability for years to come. To accomplish this, patient involvement is heavily emphasized in every treatment plan. Specific treatment strategies including sensorimotor and stabilization exercises will be utilized to train your nervous system to improve stability so that you are able to perform routine activities without pain or disability. The specific rehabilitation techniques utilized will be tailored to your particular diagnosis, and will progress along with your improvement.


One of the most time tested protocols in the chiropractic field, the chiropractors at South Georgia Chiropractic also utilize the Gonstead method of adjusting. The Gonstead philosophy maintains the belief that there is no substitute for a pair of skilled hands when locating and correcting spinal dysfunction. Typically when the Gonstead system is employed, a specific, quick movement is performed to restore normal movement to a restricted joint.

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points are small, very sensitive "knots" in a muscle which can often cause pain to be felt distant to where the actual trigger point is located, such as trigger points in neck muscles causing pain to be felt in the head or arms. The chiropractors at South Georgia Chiropractic are trained to locate and relieve trigger points by utilizing a technique during which pressure is applied to the affected area for several seconds. Following specific breathing instructions during this procedure, pain relief is often experienced immediately. This technique is most often utilized during the initial phase of treatment to decrease the patient’s pain level to allow for more active therapies. Depending on the nature of the injury or complaint, future trigger point therapy sessions may be prescribed if relief of symptoms is reported.

Massage Therapy

The South Georgia Chiropractic is proud to offer massage therapy services by Pamela Hanks, LMT. For more information on Pam and the services she offers, visit our massage therapy page.

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